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Hello, F-T!
This is an attempt to revive dialogue on Friends-Theology.  I know of no other discussion list for Christian Friends which cuts across denominational boundaries.  I am not personally computer-savvy enough to start a new list, and some would regard me as too extreme (you know that people will believe almost any myth if it serves their purposes to do so) to be a list host anyway.  Furthermore, Quaker-W, which catered to Conservative/Wilburite Friends, also got decommissioned, leaving us high and dry!
If no one else can think of appropriate subject matter, I invite your attention to the 2013 issue of *Quaker Religious Thought*.  http://digitalcommons.georgefox.edu/qrt/vol123/iss1/
I wrote the paper on Conservative Friends and could have written much more on the subject, without transgressing ingroup norms or revealing closely held secrets!  For example, space limitations prevented me from discussing such topics as the problem of ministry among Conservative Friends.  
As it was, some Friends found my remarks deeply offensive.  My paper was not intended to be an ingroup propaganda piece, but neither did I intend to offend unnecessarily.  There are those, of course, who would regard anything I write as offensive.  I wouldn't know how to satisfy such persons without indulging in outright prevarication.
I hope you are still there and interested in reviving the dialogue.
Bill Rushby   
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