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Allow me to piggy-back on David Nagle¹s posting that reenergizes an
all-but-forgotten topic:  Over the Thanksgiving holidays, I got readers¹
reports from two who read my manuscript, ³The First Cover-up:  A Religious
Biography of Richard Nixon.²  Both were quite positive, one saying that he
was almost ready to do something he never does, namely, to publish it as it
stands; instead, he suggested some relatively minor revisions, as did the
other one.  I should have them completed by the end of the month, which
means a contract and it being added to the fall 2014 list.  If my working
title gets by the marketing people at the press, be sure to look for it in
about a year.  Then all will be able to judge my alleged biases, lack of
empathy, and objectivity.

For what it¹s worth.

Larry Ingle

On 12/6/13 1:22 AM, "davnagle at juno.com" <davnagle at juno.com> wrote:

> Afraid I have to agree with Andrew's final statement.  What would be even
> better would be exciting unprogrammed meetings with the Holy Spirit bursting
> out!
> David E. Nagle
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> Just a little comment from the sidelines: when it comes to Nixon, may I
> suggest we are dabbling in the upper echelons of loaded topics. I have
> memories of how I thought certain Friends had thoroughly disgraced themselves
> by not having disowned such a character. As I recall in the activist world of
> those days, Nixon was hardly a name that one could bring up in a dispassionate
> capacity.
> On 14/02/2013 03:58, William F Rushby wrote:
>> I didn't expect this sort of exchange when I expressed a longing for the
>> dialogue I enjoyed so much on F-T in former times!!
>> I am struck incredulous that Larry Ingle can't find any "heavy bias and
>> hatred" in his piece on Richard Nixon and his Quaker heritage.  The word
>> "cover-up" in the title, linking Nixon's religious background to his actions
>> as President, frames the whole discourse in a hostile way.  Larry's reference
>> to "noisy evangelical roots and character" isn't exactly value-neutral,
>> either!
>> What I see very strongly in Larry Ingle's historical scholarship, in addition
>> to his careful research, is his inability (or unwillingness) to empathize
>> with those with whom he disagrees.  Larry seems to lack a capacity for seeing
>> others "from the inside".  The interplay between empathy and detachment would
>> yield a richer and more penetrating picture than simply interpreting the
>> subject matter from an antagonistic stance.  Larry seems to approach his
>> scholarship with an unacknowledged and only barely hidden agenda.  How about
>> 'fessing up to this, Larry???
>> When Larry introduced his essay on Nixon, I thought immediately of the
>> senator from Chicago who belonged to the 57th Street Meeting; it took a few
>> days for me to recall his name--Senator Paul Douglas.  Senator Douglas was
>> "an eastern Friend" in the sense that he was "unprogrammed".  It would be
>> instructive to juxtapose Richard Nixon's "pacifism" with that of Paul
>> Douglas.  Both were national political figures and, as I recall, their
>> "Quaker heritage" was strikingly similar in its political expression.
>> The East Whittier Friends Church appears to have been a remarkable
>> congregation.  In addition to its Nixon connection, it played a role in the
>> religious pilgrimage of John Wimber, who was perhaps the leading figure in
>> the Vineyard Christian Fellowship.  If we are looking to cast stones at
>> "noisy evangelicals", the Vineyard folks would probably make Lewis Hadley
>> blush!
>> I am impressed by how many Pentecostal leaders had roots in the Society of
>> Friends. Too bad they left Friends, or were thrown out; we needed them.
>> While I am on the subject, I think contemporary unprogrammed Friends could
>> benefit from some vibrant and authentic "evangelical noise" to awaken them
>> from their often superficial and somnolent spirituality!
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>> If there is in fact "heavy bias and hatred" in this piece, it is so deeply
>> embedded that I, its author, am unable to find it, so let's celebrate Bill
>> Samuel for finding it, without citing a single word to let us see his point.
>> For what it's worth.
>> Larry Ingle
>> Chattanooga Meeting

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