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John Benson johncbenson at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 17:10:13 PST 2011

There are some helpful notes in the Ohio Yearly Meeting website,
behind the link "starting a new worship group" which is copied here:


Asking around among Friends with experience will be a fruitful use of time.

Adding along the lines of Friend Bill Rushby's advice: when God is
doing something, the best we can do is try and discern what that is,
and then cooperate with it. Often what God is doing will not be
exactly what we think God ought to be doing. But it's always good! And
it's always better than whatever we design ourselves.

And prayers usually help.

John B.

On 11/29/11, William F Rushby <wfrushby at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello, Lee!
> Your question wasn't directed at me, but I have a thing or two to say.
> I think that you should be in touch with Geoff Gilmore of Little Falls NY.
> He and his wife Luvy (Lou-vee) publish *Friends Community News*, in the
> interests of unprogrammed Christian Friends.  He should be able to help you
> network with Christian Friends in NYS.  Outside relationships and resources
> will prove to be valuable resources for your effort.
> If I were attempting to start a new fellowship, I would begin with a Bible
> study (without any heavy hidden agenda).  Seekers might respond to this, or
> so I imagine, more than to announcements of a new meeting.  It would provide
> opportunities to establish friendship ties, and to share spiritual
> journeys.  Part of your sharing would, naturally, lead to sharing your
> Quaker faith, without trying to push anyone in this direction.
> Over time there tends to be a "shakedown" in such a group, leading to a more
> specific purpose or direction.  Control almost invariably becomes a central
> issue.  This often spells the end of new fellowships.  It is important to
> avoid becoming "the owner" of the new group!  Never assume that the group
> will head exactly where you wish it would; this usually doesn't happen.
> "Let go, and let God."
> I am anxious to hear what others on F-T have to say.
> Bill Rushby

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