[FT] Immigration: What Does the Bible Say?

Jeffrey A Hinshaw jeffjean at juno.com
Sat Jun 5 09:20:39 PDT 2010

What about scriptures that pertain to following Laws? Government was
established by God to bring order-although it was man's choice and not
God's original intention.

Things are screwy in modern culture because foreigners probably did not
recieve free healthcare and other tax-supported services. I am not an
expert in Old Testament culture, but I would suppose there were few
government run programs then. I think we can love them in ways that do
not involve breaking the law.

I grew up n Ca. and know that illegals have the same rights as citizen's
when it comes to healthcare- A hospital can be sued for not provideing
free healthcare to illegals.

Arizona Law as I understand it is just codifying in State law what is
already Federal law. This point is otfen missed.

Let me know what is missing in these arguments?

I understand I am urguing Law but aren't CHristians suppose to follow the
law as well? Do we decide individually which laws to follow and which to

Jeff Hinshaw
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