[FT] Immigration: What Does the Bible Say?

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I'm going to have to spend some time looking up chapter and verse (unless some other Friend has these at handy reference), but aren't there quite a lot of detailed instructions (commandments in the Law of Moses) about very specific things that the Hebrews were required to do in regard to kind and merciful treatments of sojourners, whether foreign or Jewish? 

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  Julia, you raise the very questions I have been around the water cooler at work.  Most of my colleagues 
  are God fearing, Bible toting, president bashing, church going, good and basically kind people.  I have mentioned the scripture you elude to, it falls on deaf ears and we move on. 
  Paul talks about the foolishness of Roman rule, peace by power.  Paul talks about all people being equal.  I think that he is arguing for a government based on compassion and justice for all people not one of fear and repression.  
  It seems to me that a lot of Christian people don't have a clear understanding what Christ taught in word and example and how Paul built on Jesus' life and teaching.     

  Jim Wilson


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  Arizona has been on the hot seat at the center of the national debate about undocumented immigrants, and according to today's NY Times, it looks like immigration will be the hot button in the political races in California this year.  I wonder what Friends' perspectives might be? 

  How do we apply our principles of simplicity, peace, integrity, community and equality to this problem? And what does the Bible have to say that might help us in our discernment? In particular, I am wondering about passages concerning welcoming the stranger, and how resident aliens among God's People are to be treated. 

  We hear a lot about what sort of rules ought to apply to resident foreigners, both documented and undocumented. If we are a "nation under God", what "rules" apply to our actions? 

  Julia Ewen
  Atlanta Friends Meeting

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