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Dear All,

  Apropos this Mr. Larry Ingle/Joe Ginder observation, there is a recent (yesterday) column in LewRockwell.com that has buried (it is LONG) a history of the breakdown of order following Martin Luther's protest against the established church. Anabaptists are among the chief villains. It is of worth mentioning that I allign closely with the words of the author, Murry Rothbard, and extend those thoughts to ALL earthly governments.


John Boanerges Redman

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Joe Ginder says:

 I suppose she might think that the pope didn't work for God or was acting
 from some objectionable motive, which is a different issue.  Or perhaps
 there might be the issue that the office of the pope has been associated
 with political machinations and power politics in the past.
Being somewhat more cynical than Joe Ginder apparently is, I find, at best,
he Pope's motives to be mixed, at worst, like those described above.
The result, as I see it, is that the theological justifications that Joe
inder elucidated in his first message might amount to a cover for ulterior
One of George Fox's great contributions, seldom heralded these days, was
hat he saw that priests in the institutional church would soon work for the
nstitution and its ends rather than the Christ that brought the church into
xistence, a fact pointing to its apostasy.  And they would find ways to
ustify their derelictions rooted in high-sounding words that supposedly
choed his.  Sin, Fox knew, can enter the most sacred precincts and
ontaminate its officials, leading them inevitably to rationalize their
tances in this fashion.
All I am suggesting is that the EFIC's "missions" in Ireland may fall victim
o the same temptation.
For what it's worth.
Larry Ingle
hattanooga Meeting (SAYMA)

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