[FT] Address by Irish Quaker Missionary Physician

Bill Samuel billsamuel at verizon.net
Sun Oct 25 18:17:46 PDT 2009

At 08:37 PM 10/25/2009, William F Rushby wrote:
>Hello, Friends!
>This is to call your attention to Doreen Dowd's address to Ministry 
>and Oversight at Ireland Yearly Meeting in 
>2005.  <http://www.quakers-in-ireland.ie/home/archives/898>
>I found her comments on the Society of Friends to be very 
>perceptive, and her personal testimony bold and winsome.  What do you think?
>Bill Rushby

While in important respects Ireland YM may be unique, many of her 
observations have relevance to Friends, particularly of the liberal 
variety, on this side of the Pond.

I think in many liberal Friends gatherings in the States, someone 
with her testimony would not be invited to give such an address, or 
if so, it would be someone with a different Quaker affiliation 
allowing it to be clearly viewed as "other."

I might also note that Evangelical Friends Church International has 
work in Ireland, with fellowships in the Dublin area.

Bill Samuel 

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