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Thanks, Joe. Say more about the dishonest judges, Samuel's sons: in what 
were they dishonest? Does this dishonesty arisefrom the nature of the job of 
being judges or does it arise out of their own character? What does this say 
to us about corrupt leadership today? How did the Israelites deal with the 
problem of Samuel's sons? How do we or ought we to deal with the problem of 
corrupt leadership today? Is John Redman right? Is our only option to take 
down all governments and live from the heart alone?

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> Julia Ewen writes:
>> But even in Samuel apparently not ALL forms of government are
>> bad. Monarchy is bad. That is clear. But ever since their
>> Exodus from Egypt, the Hebrews were living under the rule of
>> judges.
> Julia makes a good point about the Israelites having government prior to
> having a king.  In the time of the judges, there was weak government.
> However, while the demand of the Israelites for a king was unholy, as it
> grew out of a desire to be like the other nations along with the problem
> that Samuel's sons were dishonest judges, it is not true that scripture
> condemns monarchy as a form of government.  On the contrary, Jesus came to
> announce the kingdom of heaven or kingdom of God, of which he is the
> anointed king.  His reign will never end.  Isaiah 9:6-7 come to mind.
> What was evil about Israel's desire for a king was that they were rejected
> God as their king.  The time of the judges is certainly not depicted as
> ideal in any way.  Instead, it was a time in which "everyone did as he saw
> fit".  The result was not pleasing.
> Having a good king is a good thing.  There is really only one candidate 
> for
> the job, and he's got it.  That's why early Christians would not say 
> "Kyrios
> Caesar".
> --Joe
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