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Bill Samuel wsamuel at comcast.net
Thu Mar 29 16:07:21 PDT 2007

At 3/29/2007 04:40 PM, christianwitnessministries at juno.com wrote:

>I recall some revivals I organized, and I came to Friends and Christ 
>at a Hicksite unprogrammed Friends meeting.  Six hours of silence, 
>punctuated by some speakers I lined up to speak for 10-20 minutes 
>every hour or so, and a short lunch break.  It was fantastic.  Folks 
>flew in from as far away as Baltimore and Florida to attend the revival.

Yes, I remember that.  Three of us came out from the D.C. area.  We 
were interested in talking with the Pedigos, then there, and when we 
heard about the revival, decided to combine the two.

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