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Hmmm.... well, next year's meeting will be San Diego -- a bit closer to you!

Well, the papers themselves generally end up in Quaker Religious 
Thought, the periodical associated with the group.  There aren't any 
minutes as such -- it's a presentation-and-discussion format.

There's a list of back issues and articles online at 
http://theo-discuss.quaker.org/ -- scroll down --

Grace and peace of the Lord to you!

Susan Jeffers

Previous correspondence:

Friend Susan,

I certainly would love to be in Washington, D.C. but I'm a relatively 
poor man and live near Santa Barbara, CA.  Is there any chance that 
the minutes of this meeting will be posted on a web page?

Jim Lucas

On 11/7/06, Susan Jeffers 
<<mailto:susan at read-the-bible.org>susan at read-the-bible.org> wrote:

The Quaker Theological Discussion Group will hold its annual meeting 
Friday 17 November 2006, at the Washington Convention Center in 
Washington DC, in conjunction with the annual meetings of the Society 
of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion.

Anyone may attend; there is no advance registration and no fee to attend.

Session I, 1:00-3:30 pm
Washington Convention Center, Room 159 A
Theme: Truth and Power
Paul Anderson (George Fox University) Presiding
"Speaking Truth to Power" Newton Garver (State University of New York)
"Empowering the Truth" Shannon Craigo-Snell (Yale University)
Response and Reflections on Truth, Memory, and Reconciliation, 
Miroslav Volf (Yale Divinity School)

Anyone interested is welcome to get together for dinner at a local 
restaurant between sessions.

Session II, 7:00-8:30 pm
Washington Convention Center, Room 159 A
Review of Signs of Salvation by Ben Richmond
Ann Riggs (NCCC Faith & Order Commission) Presiding
First Review, Jacci Welling (Malone College)
Second Review, Brian Drayton (Weare Monthly Meeting)
Response, Ben Richmond (West Richmond Friends Meeting)

More information is posted online at 


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