[FT] Quaker prayers published?

William F Rushby wfrushby at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 3 20:52:13 PST 2006

I believe it would be possible to find many descriptions of Friends at prayer in times past.  Some of these would include the words uttered.
 Not long ago,  Edsel Burdge sent me a serialized memoir from the American publication *The Friend* in the 19th Century.  It described Friends in Vermont at prayer, including Huldah Hoag.  The account shows how fervent and "deep" the spirituality of these Friends was.
 Huldah and her husband Joseph had, I think, ten children, seven of whom became ministers among Gurneyite and Wilburite Friends.  The Hoags and some of these children are buried in an obscure cemetery at Monkton VT, perhaps 35 miles from where I was born and grew up.
 Finding and publishing accounts of worship and prayer among Friends in times past seems like a worthy venture to me.
 Bill Rushby

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