[FT] What is the Gospel? What's IN the Gospel??

Vanessa DiDomenico van3hijos at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 3 10:06:11 PST 2005

To me, the Gospel means simply the good news that things will be fixed by
the Maker. -Vanessa

--- John Redman <johnredman at bikerider.com> wrote:
> New topic. Can some people read and comment on this Mises article
> concerning support for war in the Bible?
> http://www.lewrockwell.com/gordon/virtueofwar.html

Dear John,
First keep in mind what the Mises Review is about. I read it to stay ahead
of the evil spirits!

I wonder if you have studied St. Augustine's Just Cause ideology? 
Green Day would say "Just Cause because we're outlaws, yeah" referring to
the USA's war on Iraq.

Like, was Constantin a 'Christian'? He made Rome a Christian empire... and
to keep things cool, he adapted some very well from the pagan past. He
could not have cared less about God- only about his politics.

 Like the Christmas thing, where people go crazy buying useless trash.
WOuld Jesus like that? Was He even born in December? Impossible, since its
too rainy to force people to move for a census.

But Dec 25 WAS the day celebrated to the goddess of sex... and what have
Dec 24 nights become? As a young teen, it mean shopping in NYC at first,
and then it became a whole group of graduates from my school coming to
visit their oily parents, and buying whole bricks of cocaine... I won't go
into the sex part, but the roman goddess must be pleased with what Dec 25
has become!

And war is the husband of perverted sex.... (I been arguing with my
husband on this one- he thinks the wrong sex is the worst thing, that
brings about wars. I think its more the other way around. ?)

No Christian can make war. I can handle street kids anywhere better than
any cop- because I go with a smile and a love. But they also love me
because they know I am not gonna let someone step over me. If 10 cops in
their cars show up to bother my kids, I simply stand up, name all my
powerful pals' daddies... or if necesary, I'll jump on him, as happened
out of chance at the Missionary ladies' home- they were attacked, and the
guy worked with the governor. He brought over the cops-- and something
made me jump on the guy who was the thief. Now, its the Holy Spirit (their

But those are little things, like picking up the fork from the floor. 

Have you all seen how many videos and songs are coming out of the USA
which are against war? Ghost of you, Wake me up when Sept ends, etc. 

Vanessa Di Domenico
Maracaibo, Venezuela

PS: I did not read the whole thing, because I gotta run to the hospital,
but will do so later.

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