[FT] Early Friends and the Testing of Prophecy: Part Two

William F Rushby wfrushby at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 1 17:54:29 PST 2005

I received a private communication from Licia,
responding a bit to the Bownas material I posted.  Her
message and my reply have personal dimensions
seemingly not relevant to F-T.  However, I wrote the
following about dating the prophecy episodes, and wish
to share my comments.

"I haven't been able to assign a specific date to the
Bownas prophecy episodes.  However, they appear close
to the beginning of the journal, and he refers to his
youth and that of Isaac Alexander.  A few pages later,
the date of 1701 appears. I conjecture that the
prophecy episodes occurred by 1700 or, more likely,
the 1690s.

I wonder if there are other similar narratives in the
early Quaker literature."

Bill Rushby

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