[FC] New Quaker Website Announcement

George Leonard gleonard at ticino.com
Wed Apr 2 08:11:22 PDT 2008

Dear Friends,


I would like you all to know about a new Quaker website community which has
just recently begun and is currently under intensive development.  The site
offers an online meeting area for ministry plus a full forum.  There are
currently 12 members and they all come from many different countries
throughout the world.   The sites purpose is to form a supportive home in
cyberspace in order to pursue a spiritual journey together and welcome all
walks of faith.


You are all cordially invited to check this new site out and have a look
around.  The link is:




We would be honored to have your participation in this site and register as
a member.  There is no cost and we are always happy to meet new faces, get
to know you, exchange views and opinions for fun, knowledge and spiritual
encouragement and progress.


Best wishes to you all,



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