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Bible Association of Friends in America:

Bible Association lecture: New Testament scholar Paul N. Anderson, 
professor of Biblical and Quaker Studies at George Fox University, 
will present a lecture and lead discussion on "Inspired Readings of 
the Inspired Text," Thursday, Nov 17, at 7:30 p.m. at Arch Street 
Meeting House. Annual lecture presented by the Bible Assn of Friends 
in America and co-sponsored by the Adult Religious Education Working 
Group of PYM. Participants are invited to dinner with members of the 
Bible Association at 6 p.m. ($12), and to the Annual Meeting of the 
Association at 7 p.m. For info and registration, contact one of the 
following: Charlotte Lippincott, 856-829-5395, CLMOOD at aol.com; 
Christine M. Greenland, 215-534-5928, cmgreenlnd at aol.com; Marjorie 
Ewbank, marjewb at comcast.net

Quaker Theological Discussion Group:

Friday November 18, 2005

9:00 a.m. walking tour starting at 
<http://www.archstreetfriends.org/heritage.html>Arch Street Meeting 
House, then to the Free Friends Meetinghouse and anywhere else at 
that end of town Friends want to see. Continuing west on Arch Street, 
we will have lunch in Chinatown.

1:00-3:30 QTDG session I - room #406 of the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown

Topic: "Quaker Contributions to American Democracy" Moderator: Paul Anderson

"From the Charter of Privileges to the Bill of Rights-Friendly 
Contributions to American Democracy" by Peggy Morscheck
"E Pluribus Unum, and Quaker Approaches to Plurality and Unity" by 
Stephen Angell
"A Virtual Repeal: Political Obligation and Civil Dissent in Quaker 
Thought" by Jane Calvert
Response: Emma Lapsansky

Discussion and Update on a Friendly Letter to the Vatican, Paul Anderson

4:00-6:30 Visit 
Center (west on Arch to 15th Street), followed by dinner in a nearby 

7:00-8:30 QTDG Session II - room #406 of the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown.

Book Review Session: Liturgies of Quakerism, by Ben Pink Dandelion; 
and Towards Tragedy / Reclaiming Hope, ed. by Ben Pink Dandelion. 
Moderator: Howard Macy

First Review: Hugh Barbour
Second Review: Ruth Pitman
Author's Response: Ben Pink Dandelion

Directions etc for QTDG at http://theo-discuss.quaker.org/

EMail: susan at read-the-bible.org
Peace Church Bible Study Home Page: www.read-the-bible.org

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